Custom Design and Development

Let Alperna Designs create a web site specifically tailored to your needs!   Just tell us what you need functionally and we will create a site that satisfies your requirements.

Type of Sites

•  Informational Site informs people of your product and services.   There is usually limited functionality, but can grown with your business.

•  Content Management Site offers more detail, is more easily updated and can easily provide additional functionality.

•  E-Commerce Site allows your business to sell directly to your customers through an easy to use and manage interface.

•  Depending on your business you may require a combination of different aspects from these types of sites.

Functionality and Customization

•  Integration of your company logo and color scheme.

•  Generation of custom graphics and banners.

•  Integration of blogs, database applications, location mapping, email forms, Flash content, video, etc.

•  If necessary and if certain functionality is built into your site, training will be provided.

Open Source Software

We support and utilize Open Source Software and Solutions.   What does this mean to you?   Well, probably not much!   Using quality Open Source software does provide a time and cost savings in developing a web site.   There are solutions for just about any imaginable situation and it also allows for more customization, since the source code is readily available and can be easily modified.  

Customization, where needed, will lead to a site that is uniquely yours!